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How Stress Affects Your Wellbeing

Many people wonder whether a stressful lifestyle or stressful events can lead to illness or make it worse. There is no miraculous way to get rid of all stress or improve your health. Many reports have been compiled on health, stress and longevity. There were twenty seven people in the Thai mountains studied and certain characteristics were identified which might be associated with longevity. One of these people had reached the age of 124 and they were all at least 100. They lived near the mountains, enjoyed plenty of walking and a lot of fresh fish. Drinking and smoking did not seem to affect their longevity and they were poor.

It is not possible to discover the sure-fire way to improve lifestyle or diminish stress, despite these research studies and reports. Meditation, exercise, hypnosis and diet are not complete solutions. Companies and individual might be selling magic potions and cure-alls but nothing has been proven to work completely towards getting rid of stress or increasing longevity or we would all know about it by now! Stress management is more like a combination of several strategies. These strategies include exercise, rest, a nutritionally balanced and healthy diet and other positive health practices. You should aim towards reducing stress and changing your perceptions about work and life.

Your lifestyle and your own ways of managing stress is very important because preventing stress can improve your health. Your style and personality is articulated through your own valued beliefs and principles. Such principles are like your natural laws. If you want to effectively lower your stress and improve your health, you need to work in your own unique style because what works for one person won’t automatically be the best way for another.

Stress is not always a bad thing. A stress-free world wouldn’t be very exciting! Imagine waking up in the morning and not being bothered about anything happening then or anything happening later. That would be a boring, lazy feeling where you had no interest in anything and it would be highly unsatisfying.

All of us experience some degree of stress while we perform our daily tasks. Without any stress or pressure, there would not be motivation or desire. A small amount of stimulation, stress or arousal is needed for human activity or functioning. A moderate amount of stress or arousal can actually help you to perform better at work or in life in general.

Stress, however, can also cause lowered performance. There might be an optimum level of stress that we require in order to be able to perform well and feel satisfied.

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