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How To Benefit From Walking

Walking creates a huge increase in our energy levels and is without doubt one of the most fruitful forms of exercise. You would be truly amazed at the benefits which can be seen simply by adding a twenty minute walking session to your daily routine. I am living proof of this fact as I lost a fantastic 74lbs in weight in only twelve months by doing just that. I had become bored of dieting over a two month period and having seen so little by way of weight loss results I decided to take heed of what my physician had said about walking. I am so glad I did. My energy levels increased threefold and I actually enjoy my daily walk and the peace of mind it brings.

Sometimes the physical exertion of exercise is the jump start our bodies need to shift the weight loss up a gear. For those trying to lose weight the benefits reaped by walking will always be streets ahead of the fact that we have to allow personal time away from whatever we would normally be doing to carry out our walking. Walking keeps your mind occupied whilst it circulates the oxygen rich blood around your system. You are likely to take in more liquids which his good for you and think less about food.

The only downside is the pressure we place on our knees, ankles and feet. If you have any existing joint conditions, for example, arthritis, you should take things slowly at the beginning and only cover more ground when you know your body can take it. Buy yourself some good walking shoes and if necessary wear leg bracing to reduce the chances of harming yourself whilst out on your walk. Your doctor will always advise you how to take care of your body when you are exercising.

There are so many useful tips and a great deal of good advice, specifically for those new to walking, in some of the journals and magazines on the market. You will find all manner of information from the right shoes to wear to which kind of walking sticks are the best. You will also find details of community and national events for you to take part in if you so wish. These magazines were a real help to me when I first started walking and the real life stories contained therein served as a great form of inspiration for me too.

There is nothing to match the peace of mind which comes with stopping for a few minutes to admire the sunset as you walk. Maybe you will use the time for a little private reflection, asking yourself if you have made the best use of your day, remembering something you should have done which you haven’t and including it on your list of “to do’s” for tomorrow.

Just twenty minutes walking each day makes such a fantastic contribution to your wellbeing, clears your mind and allows you to glimpse that sunset – what could be better than that?

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