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How To Improve Your Memory

Most of us have had problems with our memory at different times in our lives and in different ways. However, it is an interesting fact that we can remember some things vividly while at the same time having a very real problem remembering others. This can be used to our advantage, however, by giving us an idea of how to improve our memory overall. If we can identify the reasons why we can remember some things vividly we will be able to employ the same techniques to remember others.

If you want your brain to work at an optimal level, you need to exercise it. Just like the body requires regular exercise to function well, so does the brain.

Your brain can actually be trained to remember the things you want it to remember when you want to remember them. If a knife is not used for a long while it will become dull and hard to use. However, once it is sharpened and regularly used, it will stay sharp for quite a while. All you need to do is sharpen it from time to time and it will do its job well.

Your memory operates in much the same way. To keep it sharp you need to use it. If it has already become dull, simply sharpen it again and then keep it sharpened.

One way you can do this, is to peg something that you need to remember to something else. This creates a reference point for your brain. For example, if you want to remember where you parked your car, don’t just try to remember the location of the car. Look for a reference point such as a lot number, color code or a permanent fixture near your car.

An effective method which has been used in times past to remember a number of different points is to create an acronym from the first letters of the words on your list. Let’s say you have to remember to buy meat, fruit, eggs and milk. Reorganize the letters to “femm” and you have a made up word you can remember. Put it in a sentence such as “I am a femme fatale.” You’ll remember you added an extra ‘e’ to make sense and then quickly recall “fruit, eggs, milk, meat.”

Improved concentration is necessary to boost memory. However, if you get stressed about this, your good work will be undone and memory will be affected. Be patient with yourself and be willing to take your time.

There are a number of ways to improve concentration. You can practice memorizing a list of unrelated words by creating a story around them. Alternatively, you can memorize the words of a song and sing it. What about simply choosing a paragraph from a book or magazine and memorizing it?

The act of concentrating and deciding to remember something causes the brain to develop additional neural pathways that help you to increase concentration and improve memory.

Learning something new also keeps the mind alert and able to concentrate. Continued education and learning exercises your brain and improves memory.

The internet has made learning new information from the privacy of your own home easy and convenient. You can search dictionaries and encyclopedias. You can use an online thesaurus to improve your vocabulary and exercise your memory.

There is so much information on the internet that you need to have a focus for your search. If you read or hear about something you don’t know much about you can do an internet search and discover more about it. This will not only aid your memory but you will also become a more knowledgeable and interesting human being.

Naturally, the internet is not the only source of knowledge. Newspapers, magazines and books are all excellent sources of information and can help you improve concentration and memory.

You will find that your curiosity will be peaked about other, related issues and you will begin to seek new information and become more broadly educated. By exercising your brain in this way, it will begin to make better and quicker connections between information which will enhance your memory.

It is important to remember that these strategies will only improve your memory if used regularly. An additional benefit is that you will become a more knowledgeable and interesting person.

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  • jWells - Advanced Life Skills March 16, 2008, 3:06 pm

    I really enjoyed this post, especially this line “Learning something new also keeps the mind alert and able to concentrate. Continued education and learning exercises your brain and improves memory.”

    Let me share a favorite quote of my own:
    “Learning makes life compelling, remembering makes knowledge cumulative.”
    Jonathan Wells – Advanced Life Skills

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