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Important Steps To Help Create A Powerful Memory

Do you constantly forget things? Do you walk into a room to get something and then stand there for five minutes trying to remember what you came for? If you are like the majority of us you will have answered yes to that question.

We are all aware that as we get older our memories are not what they once were. But can anything be done about this? Well, do not despair, of course it can!

Listed below are some valuable tips to help you improve your memory.

In order to be able to give yourself the best chance to remember something, it is vital that you use your full attention to focus on your subject matter. When trying to commit something to memory you should try to be in quiet surroundings where there are unlikely to be any distractions.

It also helps if you are personally interested in what you are trying to memorize. If the subject holds little or absolutely no interest for you, try to concentrate on the benefits you will you reap by remembering the information – for example, if you are revising for an examination, passing the exam may be your road to achieving a great job or career and your family and friends will be impressed with your hard working efforts. Thinking along these lines will provide you with the motivation you need to concentrate fully on what you are trying to do.

Professionals use a valuable tool when trying to improve their memories. They bring into play creativity to invoke expressive pictures in their minds which are linked to what they need to remember.

So, let’s say you want to memorize your shopping list instead of standing there in the store staring into space. You are going to a wedding and need a new hat. Think of ten words which rhyme with the word hen and picture a hen wearing the most flamboyant and outlandish hat. The bigger and bolder the picture in your head you will have no chance of forgetting to buy the hat.

It is good to set yourself a daily memory challenge. Practice is just as important for your memory as for anything else in order to achieve substantial results.

You will discover that your memory is much better than you first thought if you work on it on a regular basis. The memory can be compared to a muscle in that it needs to be used frequently to perform to the best of it´s ability. Regular use of your memory will serve to strengthen it and you will soon impress everyone you know with your memorizing skills.

One last but useful tip is to play some Mozart as background music whilst challenging your memory in any way. Research studies have shown that your brain is synchronized to the frequencies of sound it hears and the music of Mozart in particular contains the best aid to harmonize the brain.

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