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Incentives To Lose Weight – 5 Life-Altering Reasons To Get Into Shape

Imagine looking in a mirror 10 years from now. What will you see, how will you feel? Will you have the mental and physical where with all to take pleasure in you your family and friends?

You know and understand how important it is to eat healthy foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. You have heard over and over the importance of getting regular, energetic exercise. Of course you may already be eating the proper foods and getting some exercise…bit is it really enough?

There are a number of reasons to get into shape. However, continuing to have the incentive and enthusiasm to lose the weight over an extended period of time can be extremely difficult. Being aware of the reality will increase your incentive to lose weight every day. Keep in mind the following 5 incentives to lose weight:

Incentive to lose weight Tip #1 – Longer Life

The truth has been found out. People have longer lives when they are in shape. This is fantastic news, particularly for those that are having a difficult time getting rid of every little bit unwelcome weight. It’s the inactive way of life hurts you more than anything.

It doesn’t matter if you are in shape, not in shape or even extremely overweight, even the slightest of changes can make a difference. Simply adding foods that are healthier and more physical activity such as a short walk after dinner can change your life.

Incentive to lose weight Tip #2 – Keep Your Mind in Shape

Believe it or not it is possible that physical activity is the key to keeping your mind young. Truth be told, how quick witted you continue to be as you age is related to your level of activity.

In the 1932 Scottish Mental Survey, 460 women and men were tested both mentally and physically at the age 11 and then again at 79. The ones that tested with the higher fitness scores were more probable to score likewise on the mental skills test at both ages. Basically, the better physical shape they were in old age, the better their mental sharpness.

Being physically fit is a significant part of your mental development at any age.

Incentive to lose weight Tip #3 – Push Depression out the Door

Have you ever thought about why depression is regarded as a medical condition? It is not only feelings of extreme sadness. Depression is the product of having a chemical imbalance in brain so the signals aren’t delivered correctly between the nerve cells. This makes a person feel sad.

Doctors are also aware that there is link connecting depression and obesity. So if you have one there is a good chance that you have the other.

You can fight the imbalanced chemicals by remaining active. By having a active lifestyle, working out, walking, bike riding etc, your body produces “feel-good” chemicals called such as endorphins and serotonin.

Getting into shape is a fantastic way to get rid of the sadness naturally.

Incentive to lose weight Tip #4 – Stress Relief

When you have tough times and worried stress is the way your body naturally combats in order to protect itself. Your body produces chemicals that will get you ready to fight or run when you are experiencing a stressful situation.

Some stress is essential. However if you do not let your body rid itself of the excess chemicals then stress can cause damage over extended periods of time.

Your body reaction to stress is to slow down the digestion process. This causes a chain reaction where there is more sugar and fat released into your blood stream for fuel then other chemicals are released to help your blood to clot, raise your heart rate, increased breathing, perspiring and then your muscles tense up.

When you work out you are helping your body to relax and recover from that adrenaline rush.

Incentive to lose weight Tip #5 – Increase Energy

If you purchased a new auto, and the dealer told you to only use premium gasoline because it would make the car run better and many years would you do it? Probably so.

So why is it you don’t take care of your body like this?

Your body needs fuel, so you feed it and get exercise because that is what it needs to operate. Your physician tells you that in order to avoid problems you need to get in shape and eat healthier. So if you are abusing your body today hoping that it will be fine in the future, then you may be running on unleaded fuel.

Then before you know it our body is wearing out. You find it hard to do simple things, such as walk up a set of stairs or pick up your grandchildren.

You need to reach for the premium fuel now! It is true that it cost you more financially, however there is an even higher cost when you realize how well you’ll be able to perform in the years to come.

Being able to have a long and healthy life with your family and friends is invaluable. They’re worth it…so are you!

These are 5 life-altering reasons to get into shape.

Are you sitting in your favorite chair only thinking about it? Keep in mind that being in shape is a lifetime commitment and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Think about adding some incentives to lose weight books and takes to your arsenal. Alter your way of thinking and you can achieve your goals.

Incentive and losing weight can work together to save a life – Yours!

Here is a quote that will help with your incentive to lose weight.

“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.” – Author Unknown

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