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Inner Peace for Trauma Minds

When a person’s mind is full of trauma, it is often difficult to find inner peace. Thus, with passion to the trauma minds I am going to spend my knowledge for finding relief in the mind to you, regardless of the stigmata that presents its self.

Trauma will trap emotions, subconscious, conscious, thoughts, and even the body enabling the sources to find inner peace. When entrapment is obvious, the person will feel like a slave, or prisoner. When a person feels like a prisoner, they will restrain from enjoying activities, social gathering, entertainment, and will replace the lacking necessities of life, converting them to alcohol and/or drugs.
The person may train the mind to believe that the substances that harm bring it relief. To the contrary, the substances only repress the subconscious, emotions and thoughts making it difficult for information to present self, thus inner peace is falling in the trail of reverse.

Trauma is an impact occurring from an incident/accident, or a series of harmful acts or visuals invoked to the mind. Thus the person at the onset of the harm presented invokes the visuals and actions into the mind, which is a devastating impact scattered between the subconscious, conscious, emotions and thoughts.

The devastating impact overwhelm the mind, thus breakdown occurs which leads to panic, anxiety, nervousness, tension, nightmares, sweats, and the inability to cope with stressors and stress. The alcohol and/or drugs prolong the minds ability to help the person find relief and learn to cope with the impact posed to the person.

Over time, the person can come to grips with the trauma, providing the person is willing at one point to accept, and remove the guilt in the mind that enforces the shattering. Inner peace is below the surface of the subconscious and has a motive. The motive is to help the person when he/she is ready to visualize the act of violence induced on him or her.

At one time soldiers were diagnosed with trauma, or else Posttraumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD, but experts today are diagnosing more people outside of war with this trauma-impacted disorder.

Women abused by their mate often suffer PTDS. Children abused in their childhood may suffer PTSD. A person that witnesses a murder, car crash, or other violent incident/accident may experience a slight or mild case of trauma. Thus, finding inner peace is often difficult for the souls that were wrongfully presented with hurt.

To find inner peace while coping with trauma the person must come to terms of agreement with self. When the person realizes that he/she is not the blame for the traumatic acts or visuals presented to them, it is the first step ahead to finding inner peace. The next step is to come to grips with the trauma. To do this you must find a therapeutic strategy that works for you. Some trauma survivors find relief when acting out the scenes in a visual setting in the mind. Others find relief by writing their stories down on paper, or typing on the computer.

Peace is essential for trauma survivors, since the trauma if allowed to continue ruling the mind will cause health problems later. Thus, realizing that you are not a victim anymore, but a survivor is taking the step to regain your inner strength. Repeat this with me. I am a survivor of trauma, which I had no control over, thus I lived and now I must move on so that I can help others find their inner peace.

Recite and repeating the sentence will help you gain control, since the mind has the ability to take control over the emotions, thoughts, body, ideas, subconscious, conscious, et cetera.

You have the power within to find your inner peace. You may feel that you are weak but the evidence that you survived a horrendous ordeal shows that you have strength. If you lacked strength when the trauma attacked your life you would have died, or else went entirely insane.

Survive your trauma and take back your life by reaching out and taking control of your mind and taking back your inner peace.

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