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Learn How To Use Breathing To Relax

It is really not necessary for you to be in a permanent state of stress. By using breathing techniques you will be able to relax both your body and your mind. Yoga will assist you to understand the natural state that your body and mind much prefer to be in, namely a position of relaxation.

Deep breathing will have a calming and energizing affect on you. The type of energy you will feel after just a few minutes of careful breathing is not that of a hyper or uptight nature, but the calm and steadying variety which we are all in need of. A message to be calm is received by your nervous system when you carry out gentle, steady and quiet breathing exercises.

Although you can read a whole book on the subject of yoga breathing here is a five minute breath break but make sure you read the instructions through a few times before you begin to practice the exercises.

1. With your spine as straight as possible and in a sitting position on a chair as long as you do not slump into it, place your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent immediately over the center of your feet. If your feet do not comfortably reach the floor then rest them on a book or a cushion. Place your hands on the top of your legs.

2. Now close your eyes gently and rest them behind closed lids.

3. Focus on your ribs, behind which are your lungs, at the front, the back and the sides of your body.

4. Sense your lungs filling up as you breathe in and your ribs expanding out wards and upwards. Feel your lungs emptying as you exhale and in turn your ribs coming back downwards and inwards. Don’t force the breath at any point during the exercise.

5. Do this for two to three minutes the first few times and then increase the duration to between five and ten minutes. Start by following this procedure once a day and soon you will appreciate how good it makes you feel and you will want to do it more often.

When you practice this form of relaxation for a few minutes each day it will gradually have an affect on your daily activities, life in general will be much improved and your stress levels will be remarkably lower.

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