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Meditation for Beginners

You would think that meditating is a relatively simple activity that wouldn’t require instruction but it is a little more complex than you may think. I found that I needed instruction to learn meditation for beginners before I could practice the relaxation ritual correctly. Here are some of the things that I learned through the process.

First of all, try not to think too much. Meditation for beginners is often misunderstood. I thought that the process was one of running thoughts through your mind but it is actually quite the opposite. You need to empty your mind. This is not as easy as it seems.

When I was practicing meditation for beginners I heard the instruction to empty my mind of all thoughts. I wound up thinking that this is impossible. The very thought of emptying my mind is a thought in itself. Can the mind every really be empty? So my first experience with mediation for beginners was actually a stressful thinking session about how I can’t stop thinking.

The next problem I had was keeping my eyes closed. Some people practice the relaxation ritual with open eyes but this has not really proved to be effective in meditation for beginners. I found myself peeking around the room in between my thoughts about not thinking.

Keeping your eyes closed is essential to the process because you have to direct your energy inwards. This can be very difficult even when your eyes are closed. You really want to look inward. Meditation for beginners is about finding a place within the self to relax.

Another thing to consider when you are practicing meditation for beginners is where you conduct the activity. Make sure that you find a very comfortable place and make sure that you choose a position that you can commit to for at least twenty minutes. I sat on a hard floor in an awkward position that I needed to rearrange several times during the session. This was distracting.

Distractions can wreck havoc on the entire process. In order to keep distractions at bay some suggest that you choose a mantra to help you keep your focus. This was also difficult for me. I felt like an idiot repeating the phrase even though I chose it for my self. Meditation for beginners is often uncomfortable but once you get the hang of it the practice is very rewarding.

Once I was able to lose my self-conscious nature and truly embrace the process I found meditation to be an everyday oasis from reality. I have more energy and I sleep better at night when I’m not up late thinking.

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