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Moments of Inner Peace

The moments throughout a person’s lifetime provides a moment of inner peace. When a person feels stressed, tired, or agitated from the stress and tiredness, thus inner peace is left behind.

When the body and mind is, tired inner peace seems out of reach. Thus, it is important to rest according to your body’s needs, and to remove the stressors, or minimize the stressors that cause you stress to reach inner peace.

Inner peace is a state of mind. When you have power over your mind, you will find your inner peace. The problem is keeping the control over your mind to have more than just a moment of peace throughout your lifetime.

When the body and mind is quiet and relaxed inner peace comes in clutters, thus the person can feel tranquility for a length of time without disturbances. At what time you find your inner peace or quietness of mind, it makes sense to continue fighting the obstacles that come your way to maintain the level of peace you have obtained.

If you slack on the battle to keeping your inner peace, you will go back to the pattern of only having a moment of peace here and there. One moment is sixty seconds out of a twenty-four hour day, which is not enough to feel total serenity. While most of us go through a day, working hard, and coming home to work again, we rarely find time to make contact with self.

To reach a steady level of inner peace persons’ must search deep within self to come to terms with the mind. The mind controls all actions, functions, visual, and audio that comes from you. Thus, the mind is the power of your entire being, and if you allow the mind to take control of you, it is no telling what will come out. Furthermore, the mind does not have the ability to work alone to find inner peace. Rather, the mind does have the ability, but it will take you longer to reach your destination if you do not work with your mind.

What do you need to do to find more than a moment of inner peace? You have to reach within and find answers to questions that have trapped you in a state of mind for the length of your life. You must consider influences, teachings, learning, philosophies, theories, opinions, ideas, and thoughts that were received and sent through your mind.

Many of your answers come from the past. The idea that you cannot make a future living on the past is ridiculous and whoever came up with the notion is only leading others astray. Whatever you do in life you work from the past.

How, so many ask. Education is one of the solutions presented to us to help us survive life, while enhancing our ability, skills, intelligence, et cetera to use throughout our lifetime. The education is from our past, thus to find answers to questions, or else make decisions you must use your past learning to come to an agreement.

We must use our past to take care of children. We must use our past information to associate. Thus, to make a living, find inner peace, or function wholly in life, your past must come to the fore.

My past is devastating, but I use my wisdom, experience, skills, learning, teachings, et cetera to relate to others and provide income for my home. My past also is utilized to help others grow in life, thus I am making a living from my experiences. Therefore, getting in touch with self-means you must consider your past as a tool to find answers to your questions.

Inner peace takes effort and having only, a moment of peace throughout your life is not fair, since life is full of pain, sorrow, suffering, and sometimes joy, happiness, and hope.

If you are searching for the answers to find inner peace within for more than a moment, sit down and talk with you to find your answers by asking self-questions. Go as deep inside as you dare, and see what you come up with at the conclusion of your discussion.

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