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Positive Attitude Power

I am going to request something of you at this time. I need you to listen to your thoughts. Tell me, what type of thoughts are filling your mind? Are they positive or negative?

If you were to meet someone while these thoughts are in your mind, do you think they would be able to discern what you are thinking of?

What you think and how you think is up to you. People can not tell what you are thinking, however they can have an idea of what you are feeling by the attitude that you display.

When you enter a room full of friends do they all seem to get quiet, an awkward sort of silence as if something bad has happened, or do they brighten up at the sight of you?

This will depend again on your frame of mind because again your attitude will determine how people react to you.

The thoughts that you have are powerful and can affect your manner and attitude. Unless you are an outstanding actor, your attitude will reflect on everything about you even your appearance. Your attitude doesn’t end at this; it also affects the people that come into contact with you.

You determine the affect on yourself and other by deciding on whether you will have a positive or negative attitude.

When you have a positive attitude the affect that you have on yourself and others around you can be invigorating. You are filled with a sense of wellbeing and wholeness and you give energy to those around you. Whereas negative thoughts have a draining affect on you and everyone that you come into contact with. You carry a negative attitude like a burden and your bearing shows as unhappy and sad.

An attitude that is negative will cause people to avoid you where a positive attitude will attract people to you, people will want to be in your company and spend time with you because you lift them up.

The way you look at the world around you can also be defined in your attitude. If you only focus on the negative things then it will cause you to have and bear a negative attitude. On the other hand if you opt to focus on the positive then you will more than likely have a positive outlook and attitude.

There is a lot to be said for a positive attitude. For one you will also have more friends. Research has actually proven that having a positive outlook encourages better health and wellbeing. It helps you to cope with problems and stress better.

In order to keep and maintain a positive attitude you have to have a healthy self-image. When you feel satisfied, confident self-assured and love the way you are, then other around you feel the same way. A negative outlook of course has the opposite effect. When you have a negative attitude you not only feel bad, you make others feel bad also.

Healthy thoughts promote positive attitudes. In a lot of cases this is extremely hard to accomplish due to all the negative media that we hear constantly. An extremely sad occurrence is the fact that there is a study that shows that for every 14 this a parent says to their child only one is positive.

Keep happy thought in your head and this will help you on your way to all things positive. There are some things that you can do to help with this. As they say, “laughter is the best medicine”, so you can start by watching a funning movie or a child playing with a dog or spend some time laughing and telling jokes with friends. This type of positive stimulation helps to promote a positive attitude. We cannot always keep negative from entering our life we can still have a positive attitude by focusing on the good in life.

Carrying a positive attitude can help other people as well. When a person is down most times they are not seeking advise, however that seems to be all they get. What they are generally looking for is a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to, and someone that will listen to them with an open ear. A positive attitude will go a long way to cheering them up without you having to say a word.

You may be wondering why people choose a negative attitude if a positive attitude is so great. Someone that has a negative attitude may actually need or want attention.

Having feelings of sadness, anger or having a gloomy day is not wrong in itself. However when you dwell on this attitude and these thoughts for extended periods of time is unhealthy. Remember if you are ever overwhelmed or feel that it is your hardest time…try to focus on the good things in your life. Problems you can overcome easily with a positive attitude.

You have nothing to lose by assuming a healthy and positive attitude. Not only will you be healthier and happier for doing so, there are other studies that show that it actually slow down aging. You develop better stress coping skills and you will also be healthier. So take on a positive attitude and see how well you like it.

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