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Quietness is Inner Peace

The mind requires quietness for a length of time to feel inner peace. When the mind is cluttered, peace is in the tunnel of darkness waiting for you to find the keys to allow the light shine through the inner being.

Quietness is peace. When you learn how to deal with your mind, you learn how to find peace. Many people go to counselors paying big dollars believing the therapist has the answers to the sufferings going on inside the persons mind. The fact is you have the inner ability to sort through your mind and find the areas of turbulence that is restraining you from finding your inner peace.

Therapists are people with their own problems, and if you sit and talk to them about their turbulences, you might find they have not found their inner peace. Some may appear as they do, but deep down they are hiding the truth from you.

Inner peace comes from within. At what time you search your mind have talks with self, and work to reach your point of relief, you are working toward inner peace. The fact is inner peace will not present self to completeness until you learn truths. The truth is inside your mind and you have learned some of those truths along the path of your life.

Our mind is full of influences, persuasions, lies, and other harmful mechanisms that weigh down the mind. The subconscious stores the entire balance you will pay for gaining inner peace. In other words, your subconscious stores information that your mind is not ready to handle. You heard the statistics that most people have the capacity to use about 10% or 25% of their brain. This is true for most people because they cannot make contact with their subconscious and many are not willing to learn beyond the level learnt at the present.

When a person learns throughout their lifetime, they are picking up the pieces along the way that adds to a large puzzle in the mind. The person will store the information, but what the mind cannot handle at the time will fall beneath the conscious.

What is conscious? Conscious is what we observe. When the conscious sees, hears, smells, or tastes it stores the information for later, or else stores portions of the information sending the information to the subconscious mind. Later throughout life the information comes to fore and if pieces of that information is rejected by the emotions, thus it falls back beneath the conscious mind.

Wow! What a roller coaster ride we experience internally let alone having to go through the fast ride of life.

Inside the mind are you. You are the person in need of finding self. The majority of people go through life wondering what they want from others, self, or life. During their journey, they stumble and since the fall hurt a bit, they say aw what the use is anyway and give up.

If you are a quitter, you might as well forget about finding inner peace, since inner peace requires work on your part.

Quitters often make excuses throughout their lifetime. Quitters will procrastinate. Therefore, quitters are the people that hunt throughout their lifetime for inner peace and some will blame others when they find nothing is there for them.

If you want quietness of the mind, you must pick up your sword and begin your fight. Sometimes it is easy, while other times it feels like someone slapped you across your face with a firm hand. There will come times in your life that you wonder what you are fighting for, but when the light bulb appears, you will see that your fight was not in vane.

You must also learn to find inner peace. You must learn to love, trust, share, and encourage self and others while searching for inner peace. One of the Commandments is to love thou neighbor as self. Thus, if you want inner peace you might want to learn more about the Ten Commandments. When you have unconditional love, you have peace.

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