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Reaching The Meditation Realm

What exactly is meditation? You can reach the realm of meditation by emptying yourself, while allowing the universe to fill the void. This is the meaning of all those interesting quotes you find on the box of Meditative Time tea made by the Yogi Tea brand.

To reach a deep state of meditation is to reach a state of true freedom successfully. First, you must release the negative tension and relaxing, much like having a nice hot cup of tea, especially the kind that has you going, mmmm. Remember, the best mantra is not the one you do rather it is the one that does you.

Meditation assists us in evolving to the sound of a perfect being, which is mmmm. This is symbolic of the Norse Rune, Mannaz, which is a capital M that has an x on the top of its two vertical lines, instead of a v at the top like a regular M. These represent our legs. Polarities unite at the center of this x. The place in our bodies this refers to is the area of the belly or midriff. This place is earth or Midgard, in the spiritual cosmology of the Norse. As a visual meditation, you can visualize a red Mannaz, which represents the energy of fire. Simply meditate while gazing at its center.

One method for relaxing it to focus attention on your breathing, simply sit somewhere comfortable and quiet, with good posture and pay attention to your breathing. However, do not merely notice your breathing rather love every single breath you take in. Experience with the air you breathe, while your belly expands with air coming in and your belly contracting as your release the air. The belly signifies the heart, as in pumping rich red blood and stimulating the air.

Concentrate on the Hara, which is the belly. Do this for a while, and then focus on your navel. This was once your source of life when connected with your mother. The belly protects and nurtures new life while being transformed into a human child. The belly is the place of harmony and spiritual beginnings, which find nourishment, materialization and release. It is the earth, a spiritual center within the universe; it is a crown jewel of creation. Here all elements join. As humans, we can consciously go back into the belly, while allowing the developmental process to continue into a rebirthing. This is a great thing.

Alchemical Taoism considers the area just beneath the navel is your power center or the Elixir Field, Tan Tien or Cauldron. To find your power center, stand and move your body from side to side and back and forth. This is your center of gravity. Once you find it, stop and be still, concentrate on this area. You may experience a feeling of heat in this location. Heat is both a rejuvenating and soothing energy. You will take pleasure in every move when you are doing things, since you radiate this energy. Many individuals achieve this by practicing Tai Chi.

By our busy minds, while worrying or thinking we become disconnected and ungrounded. How do you escape the hectic ramblings within your mind? You can consciously go to your center, the belly. Remember all powers circle around the belly or earth. This is the seat of passion, which contains the essence of life. Since everything connects to the center, it makes sense that you go to your center for connection. All become the now, past, present and future. As earth and heaven unite and the yin and yang balance in paradise as does the God and Goddess. In our deepest sleep, this is where we go. We may not remember our experiences of complete and utter ecstasy when we arise. We feel refreshing energy on a new day, because of its influence.

An old parable tells us that the angels held the responsibility of hiding the key to paradise. Rather than being hidden within the depths of the mountains, the oceans or in outer space, they hid the key within our own bellies. They figured here we would never think to look.

To find our center of the universe, we must go within. As we go into our center, we emerge into the universe. We find our center is within and without, while our limits are boundless. As we allow the universe to take us, be become the universe, there is no separate self. Here we surrender what we are to transform into our destiny.

How can you blend into the universe? Make yourself some tea. While you are making tea, the herbs infuse themselves into the water. When you drink it, you experience a bit of joy. When you place yourself into the fiery energy of your belly, you are infusing yourself with the multi-dimensional universe. When you get especially good at it, you experience Nirvana. This is meditation, relax and let it happen.

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