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Strength of Spirit

We do not dedicate enough time to strengthening our spirit and soul and the effects of this cause problems and we can become overwhelmed with the stress and strains of our daily lives. Our inability to deal with everything makes us unable to function properly. With a spirit that has been fortified our ability to cope becomes easier.

Anxiety attacks whether very mild or incredibly severe are a form of our inability to cope and the lack of strength of spirit. When we experience anxiety attacks we live through a form of shock…a “soul shock” so to speak. When this happens we are not sick in our physical body nor is there anything wrong with us mentally that would cause us to have such panic. It is in our spirit and the lack of strength causes us to lose control.

This type of loss can be temporary or it can last through out your life. The lack of ability to perform daily activities is extremely incapacitating. Things such as going to work or even going grocery shopping become impossible because of the sheer terror the thought generates within.

I can testify to attacks such as this because I experienced them first-hand for a short period of time. When having attacks such as this it is terrifying and this only adds to the panic causing it to grow. The ability to function seems to go right out the window because there is no control by the person that is having the attack. Work becomes impossible, deadlines cannot be met and families even suffer. Loss of control can come at anytime and for no apparent reason.

With the fast paced lives that we live in this day and age we fail to take the time we need in order to listen to what our inner voice is telling us. We rush about from here to there planning, deadlines, meetings and more leaving no down-time to listen to what our body and spirit are telling us…and we quash any chance to connect to our inner-selves. You have to take some down-time and listen to your inner-self, and you can not listen if you are running after the children, watching TV or on the phone.

Even though life is much more fast-paced and we do not take the the time for the spiritual side of our life, this era has also provided us with the ability to plan down-time. There are numerous clinics and therapy centers (audio, video, massage, oxygen) that offer us the opportunity to slow down and take some time to connect with our inner-self. Never has there been so much help available to us, so why do we wait? We wait because we do not think we have the time to devote to our own health and well-being, it is largely a lack of discipline on our part. We can accomplish so much, yet we forget that in order to be able to continue this ability we have to keep well, and that doesn’t just mean our physical body it means our spirit self as well.

We must make a conscious effort and be disciplined in order to strengthen our spirit. Our mind, body and soul must all be fit and in order to obtain this our spiritual side needs to be listened to and nurtured because it affects all parts of our person. When you are making your daily schedules you should add to your list some time for yourself so that you can take care of your spiritual self as well as your physical and mental needs.

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