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Stress Reduction in 5 Easy Ways

relax_wYou cannot always control what life throws at you, but you can always control the way you react to what life brings. So if you feel that your life is bringing you difficulties, practicing some stress management techniques will help you feel much better.

1. Take care of yourself

First things first, keep in mind that taking care of your body is not only good physically but mentally and emotionally as well. So if you eat right, sleep well at night and exercise regularly, your overall well-being improves (emotionally, physically, and mentally). Keep a well-balanced diet. Eat nutritious foods. Get enough sleep at night and commit yourself into a regular exercise regime even if you are too busy.

2. Take control of your schedule

Instead of letting your schedule decide when you will go for a vacation or if you can afford to have a vacation, clear your calendar and set the date of your rest. This way, you give yourself a personal goal to achieve and something to look forward to. Taking control of your schedule lets you become less rigid and less tensed, helping you reduce your stress levels.

3. Pray

Research shows that prayer improves the overall health of a person. It claims that people who pray intently and regularly live longer than those who do not. If you don’t feel comfortable praying, you can use other techniques such as breathing exercises, music therapy or meditation.

4. Rest between tasks

Watch yourself or even your officemates working for more than 2 hours without even taking a break. You get irritated easily, are more tensed, and overreact to simple situations. This is because you are already stressed out and your body begins to work abnormally. What you should do is take breaks at least every 30 minutes. Walk around the office, play something, drink water, go for a toilet break, talk to someone, eat, or anything that will take you away from job.

5. Set priorities and learn to say “no”

There are tasks you should do and there are others that you must do. Knowing which should you rank first help put your life into perspective. Trim down your to-do-list and set aside some relaxation time. Learn to say ‘no’ on anything that will direct you away from your priorities. Do not take on new tasks that are too much for you to handle.

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