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Stressed Out! – But Why?

The world we live in today does not appear to get any easier. Things seem at best unfair, and at worst painful and unbearable. We go from day to day in the hope that the situation will improve in the not too distant future and eventually our lives will take a turn for the better.

More and more people are becoming stressed as each day the world turns into an even crazier place to live. There is no security anymore, what with many folks no longer enjoying good health, getting into debt, losing their jobs and their homes; there really is no wonder their sanity is at risk. The darkness of depression sets in following worry and anxiety about their way of life.

Time magazine featured a story declaring that we have come into the “Age of Anxiety”. The constant stress and uncertainties of life in 21st century leaves many people living a existence of total fear and worry.

We are bombarded by newspapers and news stations with stories which go way beyond the point of being described as disturbing. And then, of course, there is the economy which is another great stress factor. With the price of houses rising to an outrageous level, soaring prices of commodities such as gas and electric, people find themselves in a position where they have no choice about their career and have to work in employment which they find to be both boring and without any job satisfaction. The main thing is to be bringing home a decent pay check and this completely takes over everything else.

Women, in trying to be all things to everyone, often have higher stress levels than men. They struggle with the roles of mom, wife, housekeeper, daughter, sibling and pay check earner. When in the midst of all this they forget to take time out for themselves, their stress levels, quite naturally, reach the sky.

Children and teens have peer pressure to put up with. Children who do not manage to get a scholarship to fulfill their dream of going to college, have to find part time employment to be able to provide the extra money because their parents alone cannot afford to send them to college.

Always on the go, we are constantly available either on the Internet or cell phones, I-pods, palm pilots and so on. What happened to setting some time aside to relax and enjoy life? We simply do not do it anymore!

We really should learn to say “NO” sometimes instead of doing things we don’t really want to do, but feel we “MUST” do. We continue to say “YES” or “OKAY” only to then feel anxious when things do not get done and tasks start to pile up around us.

There are so many causes of stress, some of which we are not even aware are causing us to reach a state of anxiety. Factors such as regular traveling, buying property, coping with finances, problems with relationships, being the victim of bullying, worrying about examinations, having the in-laws over for a vacation – the list is endless.

Stress is a normal part of our lives but when it starts to completely take over it becomes a problem. When you feel out of control, you become worried and this will undoubtedly result in stress.

The good news is that you do not have to feel stressed anymore. You need to regain control which will put your feelings of anxiety into reverse. YOU CAN DO IT – WE ALL CAN!

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