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The Benefits To Be Gained By Strength Training

Strength training is one of the main elements of fitness and exercise. When trying to lose a little weight it is necessary that you include some muscle building exercises in your training routine. Losing weight is about burning calories and getting rid of fat and a perfect way to do this is to focus on building up your muscles. It works like this; the more muscle you develop the more energy you will burn off which in turn will mean you will lose weight.

Strength training is not restricted to weight lifting on a daily basis in a gymnasium. There are several exercise classes or programs which you can follow and they will help you with your muscle building. Gyms have classes for total body fitness or group power lifting and as a rule such classes use many different types of weight training gear including barbells, hand weights and resistance bands. A class would normally last for around an hour or so and during that time every muscle group within the body from triceps to the leg muscles are worked into the program.

Women appear to enjoy this type of strength training more so than men. This is sad but true as the advantages of a well ordered one hour full body workout are considerable. Men typically take pleasure in working out the muscle groups by adding bulk. However, they rarely think about adding muscle staying power. Strength training helps to form and tone your muscles into lean mass without the bulk. It also incorporates cardiovascular benefits as well due to the pace that you move at during the program. Of course, attending a strength training class which is led by an instructor, ensures that you are carrying out the exercises in the proper manner, thus avoiding injuries of any kind.

If you would prefer not to attend classes there are many exercises you can carry out in your own home. It is not necessary to have loads of different weights to get the results you want. You can use simple hand weights or perform exercises such as push-ups which do not require any equipment at all. It’s a good idea to follow a DVD program. This will ensure you stay on track and keep you motivated. If followed correctly, it will also lessen the chances of you injuring yourself, whilst trying to do it without any instruction whatsoever.

Some people attend the gym to lift weights and this is another way to develop your muscles and make them strong. You should alternate your program of exercises from day to day concentrating on one area of your body then another so, for example, you would build up your upper body one day and your lower body the next. Changing your focus around in this way will give you muscles time to repair and grow between your workouts. Lifting in sets is common in many weight training programs so you may decide to do three sets of ten bench press exercises for example, but however you decide to run your regime, will depend on what goals you have set for yourself at the start of your strength training program.

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