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The Dangers of Food Addiction

Food addiction is a serious complication that many individuals in the world suffer from. Consuming food is both a biological necessity and an experience that is deemed to be pleasurable. Eating is acceptable, as well as required. However, there are many individuals that will actually develop an obsession for food. In some instances, a person will eat consistently throughout the day causing themselves to take in too much at once. In other cases, an individual may not consume enough food on a daily basis and may deprive their body of essential diet requirements. Here, we will take a closer look at food addiction.

Food Addiction Defined

If an individual experiences a food addiction, it is defined as a disorder. Individuals who experience this disorder experience a large amount of symptoms. One is that there is a basic preoccupation with food. Many will also focus their energy on dwelling on the food that is available, and the basic anticipation of consuming the food. For those who focus on eating, it is consistent. Those that are preoccupied with avoiding food are generally quite concerned about their physical self-image, and their weight.

Food Addiction Types

There are three basic food addiction types that people experience. The following details these addiction types:

1. Compulsive Eating – Individuals who have this disorder often eat at inappropriate times and develop a type of addiction for eating over and over again. These individuals often lose control of their weight and become obese.
2. Bulimia – Individuals who eat in binges and then use items like laxatives, and fiber in order to rid the body of the food. Others may fast for long periods of time, exercise excessively or even vomit to prevent weight gain.
3. Anorexia – Individuals who experience this condition are terrified of gaining weight. These individuals will discipline themselves in a way that they are very limited on their consumption and careful when it comes to measuring their size. Self gratification is only achieved by weight loss and keeping the weight off.

Dangers of Food Addictions

There are many dangers associated with food addiction. One may experience damage in the body in the organs, develop serious medical conditions, and even develop diseases because their body does not receive the proper amount of nutrition.

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  • Mary October 4, 2008, 5:52 pm

    Food addiction can manifest itself in many ways as you mentioned. The underlying disease is that the addict seeks comfort from giving herself the food or restricting the food. I was addicted to the high I got from starting a new diet and then later the food I had been depriving myself of. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) has helped me recover from food addiction and an obsession with weight and self. It is helping thousands of people all over the world find a solution. Check out http://www.foodaddicts.org.
    God bless!

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