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The Mind’s Power and Inner Peace

The influence of hopefulness is far more powerful than pessimism. When a person searches for inner peace, they must come to terms with the mind and emotions. Pessimism is thinking negative, which leads to chaos of the emotions, whereas optimism is positive thinking that leads to power of the mind. Optimism is the mechanism known as self-assurance, which makes a person feel hopeful.

When a person feels hopeful, they have the power of the mind to demonstrate positive attitudes to others and self. Optimistic persons reflect their winning personalities on others, thus illustrating positive forces to society. When people notice positive people the feel confident and at peace since the world is full of negative thinkers that bring forth stress and stressors that fill the emotions.

When a person has a positive mind that have a peace of mind, which goes along way in relationships, work, education, et cetera, which brings us to education.

A person willing to learn and compare is willing to go to lengths to free the mind of lies. Lies from the beginning of time have proven to cause harm to self and others. The first lie ever told brought forth the sin of the world, thus from that time all humankind have suffered from the single lie that lead to millions of lies throughout the universe.

As you can see, influences have started a scrambled way of thinking for many minds, thus unscrambling the mind is the only way to finding inner peace. Thus, freeing the mind of guilt is clearing the mind of lies, or other harmful thoughts that trap the mind in a web of entangled emotions.

This is where education comes in, since when a person learns the person grows and overtime the reward is coming to grips with self. Coming to grips with self includes finding peace within and learning to be comfortable with you.

Some people feel that they need a soul mate to find inner peace. Once the relationship starts and progresses they find them, self frustrated from the pain and suffering that comes along with love. Thus, finding inner peace is learning to love your self, which includes living comfortable alone or with someone else.

You need to feel comfortable with self and being alone before you can learn to love someone else. The influence of positive thinking proves healthy in relationships and families.

One of the hardest roads I had to cross to find my inner peace is the struggle I lived in life to escape a family filled with lies. After finding my inner peace, I learned that no one could take that away from, since I lived, learned, and walked the path to clearing emotions, guilt, shame, and other harmful obstacles placed on my emotions. Thus, I fought to make the truths become apparent to others, and the gift that helped me along the path was education, but most of all writing my stories and telling the world.

When a person is in contact with self-positive results will arrive. The person may experiences turbulence along the journey of life, but instead of allowing that turbulence to take away the inner peace, they will stand up in their complete suit of armor and battle again.

Constructing a mind of positive thinking is never easy in a fast-paced world. The trick is holding true to your faith and associating only with those willing to work to meet their goals and fill their dreams.

If you have the skill and gift of gab, then associating with negative people will be controlled when these people enter your life. One of the detestable obstacles for me, is dealing with pessimistic people, or else dealing with people full of hate and prejudice. After living through a living hell and having the ability to think positive, fill my dreams, and go for my goals, I find it difficult to believe that those negative thinkers with less tragic lives can continue life living on emotional thinking.

Still, I realize these people have not found their inner peace. The gift of finding inner peace takes work, thus starting now will get you closer to your inner peace.

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