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The Stress Of Driving: Learning To Relax Behind The Wheel

We all know that driving can be very stressful especially when we live in larger cities or have other circumstances that make commuting from one place to another nothing more than a hassle. For many people it’s getting stuck in traffic jams and having very little time left before they have to be to work that really have their blood boiling. Morning rush hour can really be a tough thing to deal with. Another thing that can really get to some people is road construction when they have to be somewhere. Making detours and stopping for other traffic can get really tiring.

Road conditions like construction and rush hour are not the only things that can overwhelm a person with stress while driving. We all have notice that there are a lot of people on the roads that probably, in our opinions, that should not be driving at all. Not to mention those who have kids that seem to get bored in the car. Between trying to keep the kids entertained and keeping them from killing each other in the back seat it can be hard to keep ones mind on driving, this can be a big safety issue.

Then you have to worry about paying insurance and keeping the car running good. I do not think I even have to mention the rising gas prices all over the US, which seem to be putting everyone under a little stress. Repairs cost are not cheap either, so just trying to keep a vehicle running good and on the road for your needs can really put a person over the edge. Many people cannot even afford to have their car fixed and have to deal with worrying when and where their car will break down next and what you will do if the car gives out permanently.

Well through all of the problems and huge causes of stress there is a little hope. There are several things you can do to try and reduce the stress that we know as driving. Unfortunately, we need to go anywhere these days we most often will have to drive there or at least take public transportation. However, most of us have vehicles and seem to drive more than anything else and unfortunately there will always be some type of stress on the roads. So instead of letting the stress build and build until you cannot take it anymore try these tips to reduce whatever stress you can.

While driving, instead of listening to your favorite radio station or CDs, try listening to music that will relax you. Classical and mediation music is perfect for reducing stress, even in some of the most frustrating situations. Nature sounds like sounds of the forest or a beach are also very good at relieving stress. However, a lot of people do not have CD players in their vehicles, if you do not have a CD player you should consider tapes or a portable CD player with a tape adapter.

Consider taking a different route to school or work. If you normally would take a highway or freeway you should consider taking city streets instead or vice versa. This can help reduce the stress of traffic and the normal routine. However, you may find that taking a different route will take longer to get where you need to be, therefore you should leave the house early enough so there is no stress about being late to work or school. Even if you do not take the different route you should still consider leaving earlier from your house to avoid being late in the case of traffic jams and accidents.

If you have kids, you should have things in the car to entertain them during long rides. However, if you do not have anything in the car to entertain the kids you can always play games with them like I Spy or try to find license plates that are from out of state. By keep the kids occupied and not killing each other in the back seat you can greatly reduce your stress and the likelihood of having an accident, which can cause even more stress.

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