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Tips for Dealing with Stress

stress2_wStress is part of everyday life. And since there is nothing we can do to totally avoid it, we have to deal with it so it will not interfere with our lives. The following are some useful tips to deal with stress:

Set realistic goals. Forget about perfection. It will only frustrate you.

Stop wasting your time regretting on things that didn’t happen. They have already passed and it is already too late to change anything. What you can do is to learn from your experiences and avoid, as much as possible, repeating the same mistakes.

Do not worry about the things that may not happen. First, it doesn’t happen yet. Second, it may not even happen. Last, you cannot get anything good when you worry about the things that may not happen.

Cramming is the best way to get cramped. At times it can be a necessary evil. But cramming as a habit creates constant stress and must be stopped.

Do something fun for a change. If you are living in a constant stress, then it is about time to give yourself a break. Take a vacation. Go somewhere peaceful. Get a massage, a tattoo or a pet. Buy something for your house, for yourself and for your loved ones. Treat yourself. Invite your friends to a house party. The point is to have fun!

Practice deep breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques.

If you believe in prayers, pray. Read the Bible, the Koran, the Torah or anything that will calm your mind and spirit.

Exercise daily and eat a well-balanced diet. Having a healthy body gives you more resistance to stress.

Think positive. Everything can be seen as good or bad. You just have to take your pick, but if you want to pick something that will help you deal with stress better, then the former will do the trick.

Talk to someone. A counselor, your parents or your good friends should be able to help you with your troubles.

Organize everything. From simple daily activities to your goal in life, you should be able to set aside things you do not need and organize the things that matter to you.

Manage your time wisely. You only got 24 hours in a day and 1/3 of it you spend asleep. So you only have about 16 to do something good for the day. Set your priorities and balance your time between work and play.

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