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Wellness Is Not Fitness But Is Just As Important

Do you know how to assess your current fitness and wellness levels? When you go to the doctor, does he or she ask you about your fitness and wellness? Do you consider yourself to be fit and well? You may feel neither fit nor well and your doctor likely concurs. However, he or she is not likely to offer any method for you to determine for yourself where you are as far and fitness and wellness are concerned.

You can find fitness centers in nearly every city and these centers are staffed with counselors who are qualified to measure your fitness level. But what about your wellness level? Is it the same as your fitness level? What is the difference?

In truth, being fit and being well are two completely different conditions. They affect to different aspects of your body, but both are essential for maintaining your health.

Your wellness rating is dependent upon your immune system. It also depends on the vitamins and supplements that you take as well as you dietary habits. Interestingly, people who are quite fit can be unwell at the same time. However, when you combine the components of fitness with the components of wellness and use the principles that are base on clean living, exercising regularly and healthy eating, you will achieve balance in your life that will help you maintain both fitness and wellness.

Many people fail to take the time needed to completely understand the advantages of being both fit and well. In fact, most don’t even realize that there is a difference. We are bombarded with information from the media and health organizations but never question the information that is given to us. We rarely assess the information to determine if it is something that we need or if it is simply something that will put another dollar in some company’s pocket.

Gyms require the membership fees that you pay each month in order to remain operational and in business. This would lead us to believe that they likely have little or no concern about the condition of your immune system. Physical fitness is a condition of the body alone and that is their focus.

Hospitals and doctors need you as a patient to remain operational. They may tell you that you need to be fit and well, tell you to exercise and to follow a healthy diet, but they may, inadvertently or otherwise, omit important information that will affect your wellness, thus your ability to get and stay fit.

There is no doubt that diet, vitamins and minerals play a vital role in our health, wellness and fitness. In fact, your diet has far more influence on your health, wellness and fitness than you may have been led to believe or understand.

The nutrition that our bodies receive each day is directly related to the body’s ability to stay well. You may already know this, but what you may not know is that the mind’s ability to remain well is also a direct result of nutritional intake.

The human brain will not develop properly if it does not receive adequate protein and certain vitamins on a daily basis. The brain is the hub for all activities and functions of the body, both voluntary and involuntary. If the brain is not functioning properly, then the achievement of the other states may be stunted or even ceased.

So, if you think that you are fit, step back and take a look at your wellness as well. It is important to find an ideal balance between fitness and wellness which is the best way to achieve a long and healthy life.

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