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What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

1. Increased Meditation Power, which is Stronger Concentration.

Your increased power of concentration is the first one that you will come to realize and benefit from in day to day life. Foremost this is your capacity to reduce the distractive nature of the mind, to focus completely on a task of your choice and to give it all your energy.

2. Development of Equipoise.

In addition to increasing your power of concentration Meditation will help you to develop equipoise and peace of mind. This increased power of concentration will help you to develop a calm mind and to maintain it better under difficult circumstances. Outside influences will not throw you of balance any more so easily, and even if that should still happen, you will be able to get back into balance on your own faster. In other words, with stronger concentration you will be able to control your emotions better, without suppressing them.

3. Improved Knowledge of the Unconscious.

The more we know of our unconscious, the better we will understand what makes us do, what we do and how to go about to do, what’s best for us and to avoid, what is to our disadvantage. In doing so, we will become free of the destructive powers of unconscious patterns learned in the past. Because even though we may actually know, either by discursive thinking or by intuition, what is best for us, we may still choose to act in a way that will be to our disadvantage! That is the unconscious destructive power of old patterns. Meditation will shed light on those parts which we have not been aware of before. As consciousness expends, less and less will be unconscious and we will no longer be ruled by subconscious patterns. Over time we will become totally free of these hidden dominating influences on our lives.

4. Improved intuitive Knowledge.

We all have intuition. Unfortunately, in our materialistic world, most of us have come to learn early on, that intuition should not be trusted, because it is often beyond logic and can not be measured. With intuition you tab into “cosmic consciousness”, the all – knowing! When your intuition was not right, the mistake is not that cosmic consciousness gave you a wrong answer. The mistake was that you were not in touch with cosmic consciousness. Your intuition did not work properly. You have not mastered that tool yet.

Intuition is a tool you can train. Meditation is one of the best practices for that. Improved intuition will help you in all kinds of situation in life. In business, in relationships, with your health and so on. It is this inner voice that we all know that we have to come to hear and to trust. Some of the best decisions in life for many people have been, when they did just follow their gut – feeling, against all logic and reasons. They trusted them – SELVES. And they were right!

Meditation will help you to improve your intuition tremendously!

5. Improved health and well being

Meditation works particularly well for all stress related conditions and medical research has already demonstrated the following long term benefits of meditation.

Effects on the body:

• Reduction of pain, even with chronic problems such as cancer, heart problems or AIDS.
• Improved vision (eyesight)
• Improved hearing
• Strengthening of the immune system.

Effects on the mind:

• Improvement of memory powers and intelligence
• Increased concentration and attention (awareness)

Effects on psychological aspects:

• An increased feeling of identity and stronger self reliance.
• Stronger sense of self through positive experiences about oneself.
• Increased empathy, leading to increased openness in dealing with other people
• Increased contentment and appreciation of people and good things in life.
• Improved creativity through increased intuition and inspiration.
• Reduction of fear
• Reductions from addictions and other bad habits
• Improvements in dealing with
• depression,
• hyperactivity,
• ADD (attention deficit disorder) and
• PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

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