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Why Is Posture So Important

Your posture positions how your ligaments, nerve tissues, muscles and bones of your spinal column line up and support each another. In observing a person’s back with a healthy spine, a view from the rear should show a perfectly straight spine with all 24 bones of the spine directly above each other. From a side view of a healthy spine, one will see three curves, each with an arc of sixty degrees. According to nature studies, as well as engineering, physics and geometry, this sixty degree arc is the strongest defense position to prevent destruction forces from movement, as well as gravity.

Your brain is constantly sending electrical impulses or messages through that vital nerve center and passageway. Each of these messages are important to the functioning, health, and well being of our bodies.

When the spine is out of balance due to poor posture, it puts unhealthy pressure on this nervous system. The medical term for an out of balance nervous system is subluxation. Our bodies have amazing abilities of coping with less than perfect conditions, so no loud buzzers or warning signals to make us aware of unbalanced conditions are heard by us. Few of normal healthy individuals notice subtle signs of damages that are occurring from poor posture.

However, after years of pressure on the support of this vital nervous system by careless slouching, forward leaning and uneven body postures (occurring both in sleeping and awakened states) that a significant amount of damage silently occurs. It is then that those annoying and unpleasant warning buzzers will be in the form of backaches and back pain, headaches, pain and discomfort in other nerve passageways of the body such as the arms and legs, as well as a breakdown of healthy functioning of the body’s vital organs.

Our body’s healthy natural system, including our vital nervous system, is designed to withstand injuries and heal from pressure and assaults on it due to careless acts of our own doing. So if we take reasonable steps to take proper care of our spine and nervous system, we will be rewarded with better overall health, less physical aches, pains and discomforts throughout out lives, and particularly as we mature into seniors and our elderly years.

Standing and sitting straight, walking with a straight posture, bending and lifting properly, as well as proper sleeping postures will do much to help us enjoy a healthier and happier life.

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