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You Don’t Have To Have A Photographic Memory To Sharpen Your Short Term Memory!

I often find myself envious of those who have a photographic memory. It seems virtually impossible for these individuals to forget anything! It would be wonderful to remember all those things that I study, all those birthdays and other holidays, and even small things like phone numbers, and lists! My interest in strengthening my short term memory lead me into researching various methods to achieve this goal. While conducting my research, I ran across a little concept called “Imagery”. Here, I will tell you why you do not have to have a photographic memory to sharpen your mind!

The mind is a very complex, mysterious but very interesting part of the body. The delicate components of the brain works collectively with the body on a consistent basis. Imagery is based on this very important fact concerning the brain. In order to fully understand the mind, you must first understand the concepts of short and long term memory. If you understand these elements of the mind, you can better understand the functioning of the brain as a whole, despite the fact that the functions are performed by many separate units.

For the sake of comparison, we will say that the short term memory is much like a digital video recorder. As we live each day, the short term memory is recording everything. It records the things that you see, the things that you smell, the things that you hear, even the things that you touch and taste. That’s pretty impressive, right? I think so! Now, when we think about the long term memory, let’s compare it to a library. A little odd, I know, but it will make sense. As you know, libraries contain many different books on numerous topics. Not all of the books are good. As a matter of fact, some are awful! However, they are still kept there for when they are required again.

Now, when something is processed by the short term memory, or “written” and “published” to the mind, if you will, the library (long term memory) comes up and snatches the ones that are important. The “book” will then be placed among the shelves of memories contained in the long term memory library. If a person tried, or engaged in many different memory techniques, or hypnosis, it is quite possible for them to recall memories locked away in the long term memory in great detail. Conversations could be remembered, and a number of other things.

Now, I will explain why imagery is so important when it comes to sharpening the short term memory. Basically, you will just want to consider the fact that all of your senses – seeing, touch, hearing, touch, and taste – have a direct impact on the way that you remember things. When using imagery, you are taking components from each of the senses and applying them to focusing on that which you want to remember. Let’s say that you need to remember to get a few items at a store. You will want to make a list for this. As you create your list visualize where each of these items are. If you do this, and happen to forget the list, you can easily recall what it is that you needed.

That’s pretty easy, right?

There are three basic strategies that can be used to sharpen your short term memory. The following outlines these:

1. When trying to remember something, pay special attention to physical details.

2. You should take what it is that you are trying to remember and then associate it with something else.

3. Now, you will want to observe any colors, and smells associated with what it is that you are trying to remember.

If you practice imagery to enhance your short term memory, you will find that you are successful each and every time!

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