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Kundalini Cobra Yoga

Core streamlined fitness, make no mistake, is found in the movements of the snake. Kundalini is a power entwined that will unwind and move up the spine when the body is aligned. In other words, your energy gets unstuck, and your mind opens like the hood of a cobra. Health and awareness become your natural state of being when you are internally bathed with free flowing energy. So lets get going with the flowing!

The Warmup: Stand and bow your head. Move it back and forth lifting it up and back and feeling yourself do it one vertebra at a time. Now move your head up and around in a circle going forward and back a few times before reversing the direction. Like following an imaginary sideways clock. Now imagine the clock turned to face you and go around it with your head clockwise and counterclockwise a few times. Then imagine the clock at your left then right shoulder and move just your head to face it and do the same movements. Now imagine the clock is laid flat at your eye level and move your head around it’s circle that way clockwise and counterclockwise. Then bring your head back to the center and turn it left then right then left then right. Then down and back and down and back. Then left ear to left shoulder and right ear to right shoulder a few times. Then lower your head and roll it around in both directions without holding it up. The master nerve center in your body runs through your neck and it is where the most efficient movements are started from. Your head knows where to go and your neck moves it there. That is the way a snake travels. You are now warmed up for the following twelve exercises. Enjoy them, have fun with them, do not strain to do them. Exercise is meant to relieve stress, invigorate you, rejuvenate you, and raise your spirit.

1. Stand with feet together and palms together at your chest. With fingers together point the fingers in the direction your palms are going. Your palms will move together first down making you bend your knees and head. Then up above your head making you straighten your knees back up and while you look up at your palms, move them down back to your chest. Coming down to your chest is the only time the bottom of the palms rather than the fingers lead the movement. Move your palms at 45 degree angle up to your left and circle them in front of you to your right. Then have them cross your body making a 45 degree angle downward to your left. Then weave them up and around down to the other side, then up and straight out to your left and turn to go straight out to your right and then up above your head to come down to your chest. This is the first part of the first exercise. Do the movement again switching the order of the sides you go to. You can repeat, repeat, and need not even follow these instructions exactly. The only thing to really remember is to stretch up and down, and wind back and forth like a snake.

2. Now after that you can relax you hands down and spread your feet back out as you move your head to the left up and a little back then to the right up and a little back, going back and forth. While doing this you can raise your shoulders and start bending backwards. Then bring your arms into the movement. Left hand going down behind you and right hand going the same direction as the head as you move your head to the left up and back and vice versa. Repeat and repeat.

3. Next, sit on the floor with your knees to your chest, grabbing them with your hands and rock your back on the floor. Just roll backward and roll back up over and over. Like being in a fetal position rolling around in the egg or womb. The alchemical symbol of a snake eating it’s own tail represents a return to the beginning and rebirth.

4. Then lay flat and arch the bottom of your spine and flat again dragging yourself down the floor a little ways with your lower back. Then move back up by reaching up on the floor back and forth with your upper back. Now stop and lift your legs and upper body to form a letter V. Lift and relax, lift and relax. The shape of a V is the shape of a snakes head. Put two together looking in two directions and you have the shape of a snakes scales, which is a diamond.

5. Next, sit up with legs straight, palms on floor to your sides and looking down. Lift your belly up and your head back so you become like a table, then back to sitting position. These exercises can be repeated as many times as you feel comfortable doing them.

6. Now lay down and kick your feet up to where they are above you all the way. You are on your shoulders with your hands supporting your back in a shoulder stand. If you can, keep your legs straight and lower them down toward your head and beyond to touch the floor. If you cannot then just lower them a little bit and reach up with your hands to support them near the knees while maintaining a balanced shoulder stand position. That is call the Tranquility Posture.

7. Roll yourself out of the shoulder stand and stand on your knees. The tops of your feet and your shins are flat on the floor. Put your hands on the back of your hips with your head down and back straight. Bend both your head and your back back, then your back straight and head down in a movement that is like a snake shaking off it’s old skin. Like the snake, you will be renewed from the inside by doing these exercises regularly.

8. Now, like a snake going into the ground, put your head to the floor and try to go in as if there were a hole there. Just keep pushing until you bring yourself into a head stand. You need not bring your feet straight above your head. You only need to lift them off the ground some, which is actually better as the rounded position helps gravity stretch your spine, which is the opposite of what happens in a full headstand.

9. Now lay on your stomach pretending you have gone beneath the ground and relax a short while.

10. The next movement you will do mimics the snake coming out of the ground. Lift your head and body up while straightening your arms. You are looking straight up, and your legs from your thighs down are still flat on the floor. From there, you make yourself into a pyramid, the complete opposite of when you formed a letter V with your body in the fourth exercise. Then go back to having the head and body up, which is the Cobra Position. Pump yourself in repeat performances. A pyramid is a portal, and portals are what snakes are designed to slip through.

11. Now that you are up out of the ground, you might have to be slithering over things like rocks and branches. This movement is a little more rounded and flowing from the last movement. It differs in that instead of bringing your middle straight down to the Cobra Position from the Pyramid Position, you roll it back, then dip your head down as if diving into the water, and arch it up to the Cobra Position and smoothly continue this movement from there as many times as you wish.

12. Lay on your back, raise your arms up, stretch them above your head while stretching your feet in the opposite direction. Now bring your palms flat to the floor just above your shoulders. Bring your knees up to put your feet flat to the floor to raise your lower body. Push with your palms to raise the rest of your body. You are now in a position similar to where you were like a table in exercise 5, but your fingers are not pointing to your feet, this time they are pointing the other direction and it is harder to straighten your arms. But that is what you are going to do, is straighten and bend your arms to do reverse push-ups. And when you have done as many as you can do, rest your head down and roll it back to stretch your neck and give it a good curve that all healthy necks should have. And when done, get yourself back flat on your back, breathe energy up your spine, and relax as long as you want. You deserve it!

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