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Yoga For Success

This is a guest post by Christian Leeby who has taught Yoga for over 25 years. He loves to help the average Joe(anna) get the fantastic benefits that make Yoga so popular today. Visit him at www.miracleofyoga.com

We’ve come a long way. It’s pretty much common knowledge nowadays that taking care of your body is a really important part of being successful. When your body is healthy you work more productively, that’s obvious. A little bit of exercise at the right time in your day can make a world of a difference by refreshing the dullness and giving you a new start. Yoga is the perfect choice for anyone looking to start a fitness program or boost the one they’ve got.

If you have the time, a Yoga class nearby, and a teacher you like you’re in luck, but if you’re missing any of those then good news, you’re still in luck! Yoga can be tailor-made to address your needs, which is one of the reasons it’s such a good fit for busy folks who are pursuing their goals.

Yoga poses, also called asanas, are surprisingly good for you because they exercise the body in all directions. Unlike many types of exercise, Yoga doesn’t focus on one group of movements but instead emphasizes the whole. Practicing different Yoga poses targets different areas of the body. As you build more experience in the practice you start to understand how various Yoga postures have unique effects, and over time you get better and better at knowing what to practice for your own needs.

If you’ve never done Yoga before then it’s good to start with an introductory instruction you have reason to trust. Beginner courses are meant to expose you to the fundamentals, the most important Yoga poses and instructions to learn first. If you learn the correct Yoga poses you will have tools that can serve you, literally, for the rest of your life.

If you never do more than a couple of your favorite beginners Yoga poses you will live to be extremely happy about it. Seriously, Yoga is great this way because just two or three basic postures, done correctly, will absolutely make a difference in your life. You don’t have to make time in your schedule to “practice Yoga”, you can simply do your easy, basic postures here and there and it will help.

If you are blessed with enjoying Yoga, having time you can dedicate to it, and the motivation to do it, then you’re very fortunate because Yoga gets better and better as you put more into it. Let me repeat for absolute clarity, 3-5 minutes of Yoga a few days a week is very worthwhile, you’ll get results. That said, the more time you put into it the better, you’ll see results exponentially increase as you practice more.

Starting slowly is generally helpful for everyone. Let go of the ego’s expectations and just resolve to do one Yoga pose a few times during your work day. When you do it you’ll feel better, which will give you the motivation to do a little more. Next time do a little sequence with two or three poses. Keep it low pressure and make sure it works for you, meaning it’s easy to fit into your day. After a while you’ll find that you’ve figured out exactly what works for you, in the time you have, and Yoga will become a lifelong tool in your box of success-building tricks.

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